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At Pearson, we are serious about protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, protect, use and transfer personal information through this Pearson website. For purposes of this Privacy Policy, "Pearson" means NCS Pearson, Inc., its affiliates and its Knowledge Technologies business.


The purpose of this website is to supply information about the Versant products and provide a convenient way to ask us for additional information, request a demonstration test, order Versant products, obtain a test score, request customer service or otherwise contact us about the Versant products.

What Personal Information do We Collect and Use?

You are not required to provide personally identifiable information in order to visit this site. Such information, however, is needed if you wish to ask a question; request information, customer service or a demonstration test; or order products through this website. Personally identifiable information collected through this website may include: name, address, email address, phone number, company name, role or position, reason for interest in Versant products and how or from whom you learned about Versant products or this website. If products are ordered and purchased through this website, the following credit card information may also be collected: credit card information card number, CVV number, issuer, expiration date and card holder name.

We use personal information collected through this website to: respond to inquiries, market our products, fulfill requests for demonstration tests, fulfill product orders, secure payment of product orders, provide test results, assure compliance with our Terms and Conditions and respond to customer service requests.

For each test ordered, we assign a Test Identification Number for access to the test and the test results/score. We maintain records of the Test Identification Numbers that have been provided to a customer. We, however, do not request or collect the names of individuals who take a Versant test. A test score/result may be obtained by entering the Test Identification Number on this website.

The Versant tests may include optional questions concerning the test taker's gender, country and native language. The test taker is not required to answer these questions, and the answers to these questions are not included in the test score/result. Rather, this information is collected and used solely, on an anonymous basis, for research and product improvement/development purposes.

Protection of Personal Information

Pearson utilizes physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect the personally identifiable information processed or collected through this site. This website provides a secured transmission method for the submission of orders and credit card information.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

Except as specifically stated in this Privacy Policy, it is our policy not to share the Personally Identifiable Information collected through this Site with third parties. We may share this Personally Identifiable Information with affiliates of Pearson, and other companies and organizations who perform work for us under contract or sell products or services that complement our products and services. We also may disclose Personally Identifiable Information (a) in response to a subpoena, court order or legal process, to the extent permitted or required by law; (b) to protect user security or the security of other persons, consistent with applicable laws; (c) in connection with a sale, joint venture or other transfer to some or all of Pearson or the assets of Pearson; or (d) to address actual or suspected fraud or other illegal activities; or (e) in order to enforce the Site's Terms of Use. We exercise commercially reasonable care otherwise not to share, disclose or sell the Personally Identifiable Information of users to third-parties, except with the prior approval of the user.

Information from Children

This website is not directed to children or anyone under the age of thirteen (13). Pearson will not knowingly collect or process any personally identifiable information from anyone under the age of thirteen (13) through this website.

Information Received from Internet Service Providers

This website receives information that is automatically generated by a user's Internet service provider (ISP). This information may include the IP address (a number automatically assigned to a computer by the ISP), the associated URLs, domain types, the browser type used to access the site, country, state, telephone area code, the location of the ISP's servers, the pages of our site that the user views, any search terms entered on the site and the user's website address and email address. This information may be collected for system administration purposes, to monitor the level of activity and for security purposes. We do not link IP addresses to personally identifiable information, except that we reserve the right to link IP addresses and other information supplied by the ISP to personally identifiable information in order to protect the integrity of our system and for security purposes.

Pearson may use a third party service to collect anonymous visitor information like IP addresses, browser types (such as Internet Explorer or Netscape), referring pages, pages visited and time spent on a particular site. Pearson collects this information (1) for statistical analysis of web page traffic patterns; (2) to administer our Site and servers; (3) to allow for auditing of our services by some third parties who have that right; and (4) for internal purposes to make marketing decisions.

Collection and Use of Information from Cookies

Our Site uses "cookies" to obtain certain types of information when your Web browser accesses the Site, Cookies are textual identifiers that our systems transfer to your computer's hard drive through your Web browser to enable our Site to recognize your browser, and to optimize and sometimes customize your use of our Site. If you want to disable cookies, you can. The Help portion of the toolbar on most browsers and "add-on" programs will tell you how to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, how to have the browser notify you when you receive a new cookie, or how to disable cookies altogether. It is your choice, but cookies allow you to take full advantage of this Site's features, and we recommend that you leave them turned on.

We do not use cookies to get users' Personally Identifiable Information before a user affirmatively provides contact information to our Site and affirmatively opts-in to receiving information from us. Once a user opts-in and provides personal information for purposes of receiving more information from us, we do collect and use that information obtained through the cookie technology for purposes of marketing to the user, in accordance with this policy. If you do not want to receive e-mail or other marketing communications from us, you can opt out of further marketing to the addresses you have provided by sending an email to us at

Pearson reserves the right to monitor your use of the site to determine if you are complying with our terms and the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate your access to the Site.

Transmission of Information

The Internet is a global environment. By using this site and sending information to us electronically, you consent to transborder and international transmission of any data that you choose to submit, including transmission within and to the United States, where our computer operations are currently based.

Links to Other Sites

This website may contain links to other websites on the Internet that are owned and operated by third parties, or by Pearson or its affiliates. The information practices of those websites are not covered by this Privacy Policy, but by their own terms and policies, which you should read carefully. Those other sites may send their cookies to users, collect data or solicit personal information. This Privacy Policy applies only to information collected or received through this website. This Privacy Policy is not intended to apply to other Pearson websites, or other types of information which may be subject to different privacy policies.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Please note that this Privacy Statement may be revised by Pearson from time to time, particularly to address changes in our business, the law or technology. If that happens, we will post the revised policy here. Revisions are effective upon posting and your continued use of this Site after the posting will be subject to the changed terms of the revisions.

Obtaining Additional Information about Privacy

If you have any concerns or questions about privacy on this Site, please Contact Us.

(Revised -May 2010)

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